Color Spotlight: Isoindoline Yellow (PY139)

PY139 is a single-pigment yellow-orange option, similar to Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110) or Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65). (Those are the comparisons along the bottom, along with Benzimida Orange.) It is nontoxic, moderately lightfast, and available from three manufacturers that I could find: MaimeriBlu’s Gamboge Hue (above), Daniel Smith’s Isoindoline Yellow, and Roman Szmal’s Permanent Yellow.

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Monthly Retrospective: November 2023

I started November with a trip to Vancouver and a bunch of small travel sketches. Upon returning home, I hustled to finish my U.S. National Parks project. On another quick trip over the border to Toronto, I added a few more travel sketches. I also started #magrish_challenge_sky for my second year. I rounded out the … Read more

Earth Yellow Showdown: Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna Deep, MANS, and Raw Sienna

Previously, I’ve asked What’s the difference between MANS and Yellow Ochre? Today, I’m adding a couple more earth yellows for a big showdown between Da Vinci Yellow Ochre, Da Vinci Raw Sienna Deep, Daniel Smith Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (MANS), and Da Vinci Raw Sienna. Which of these belongs in the earth yellow slot in my palette?

Color comparison of Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna Deep, MANS, and Raw Sienna

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What I Learned from Painting All 63 U.S. National Parks in a Year

In 2023, I challenged myself to paint at least one scene from each of the 63 US National Parks. I started in February, with a mini gouache of Big Bend as a sort of proof of concept, then began working my way down an alphabetical list. I finally finished with Zion in late November. You can find them all on my National Park Collection page (I’ve also included several in this post!)

This was a great opportunity to learn – not only about technique and about the parks themselves, but about my own preferences as an artist. Here’s what I discovered.

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Indanthrone Blue vs. Indanthrene Blue

Most watercolor brands offer a PB60 paint, often called Indanthrone or Indathrene Blue. As far as I know, there is no official distinction between the words Indanthrone (with an “o”) and Indanthrene (with an “e”) – I think they are synonyms. But I own two PB60 paints, one called Indanthrone and one called Indanthrene, and … Read more