An Artist’s Guide to Sunrise & Sunset

This month’s Landscape Art Club theme is Sunsets, which works for me: I love sunsets! Painted by Natalia has a great feature this month on sunset technique with lots of reference photos, and looking through them got me thinking about the science of sunsets – and for that matter, sunrises! Why are they the way they are? And can that knowledge help to paint them better? I had fun learning about the moon for my Artist’s Guide to the Moon, so I thought I’d put together some info on sunsets.

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The hidden artistic benefits of poor visual memory

“You must have a good visual memory, you’re an artist,” a teacher once told me, trying to talk me out of my discouragement about geometry. But in my personal experience, art-making and visualization ability are surprisingly unrelated. I’ve always been interested in art, and I’ve always had poor visual memory and spatial reasoning skills. Some … Read more

Monthly Retrospective: June 2024

After two years of 3x/weekly posts, I finally ran out of runway! I had enough posts saved up to see me through my move, but I didn’t count on my move-related exhaustion hitting me most in the month after we arrived. Not only have I not written posts this month, I also haven’t painted much. … Read more

What’s the difference between Perylene Scarlet (PR149) and Perylene Red (PR178)?

Today I’m comparing two colors that are both named Perylene Red, but use different pigments.

DV Perylene Red (PR149) vs. DS Perylene Red (PR178)

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Monthly Retrospective: May 2024

There is a real before-and-after to this month: before I moved and after! Either way, it’s a very light month because it has been such a month of upheaval and I haven’t had my paints set out most of the time. In Massachusetts A random landscape and some birds. In BC I did only one … Read more

Vancouver Colors Revisted + palette update

The big question in my last palette review was: will I use the “Vancouver colors” Perylene Green, Carbazole Violet, and Quin Burnt Orange? Answer: yes! I found even more uses for them than before, including making a lovely kind of dull violet gray with the violet + green. This is a good color base for … Read more

What’s the difference between Imidazolone Lemon and Imidazolone Yellow?

In this Color Comparison, I’ll compare two similar yellows that I love: Imidazolone Lemon (PY175) and Imidazolone Yellow (PY154). Both are very bold, lightfast yellows that can be used as a primary yellow in a palette. Either one of them, if you showed it to me, I would be like “yup that’s the platonic ideal of yellow,” but next to each other I can see how they are actually kind of different.

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