Color Spotlight: Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65)

Da Vinci Hansa Yellow Deep: Gradient, opacity and glazing tests, color mixes

Hansa Yellow Deep is a deep orange-toned mango yellow, another option for the warm yellow slot in your palette where you might also be considering Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110) or mixes like New Gamboge and Quinacridone Gold.

Experiment Results

Gradient: Gloriously smooth gradient from deep mango to pale yellow-orange

Transparency: Totally transparent

Glazing: Glazes to a deeper, bright orange

Mixes: I struggled with some of these color mixes largely due to my own incompetence, not the paint. I especially struggled with the Schmincke color mixes as is my habit. (I actually redid the Schmincke Phthalo Green mix over with DS Phthalo Green Blue Shade because I got so frustrated with it!) Anyway, these are equivalent to the mixes you’d get from New Gamboge and about what you’d expect – corals, warmed-up earth tones, and muted greens.

Comparison to Other Colors

Isoindolinone Yellow Deep, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Benzimida Orange

Comparison of yellow-orange colors

Holbein’s Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110) is my former favorite yellow-orange, but in this comparison I can see that the DS Hansa Yellow Deep is a bit brighter! It’s also a little yellower, especially in midtone.

MaimeriBlu Cadmium Yellow Deep (PY35) looks almost identical to PY110 to me, so the same comparisons apply. Winsor Orange (PO62) is more orange and opaque with less range.

The pen is one of my favorite color Lamy Safari in the color Mango.

Comparison to Other Brands

Daniel Smith – Hansa Yellow Deep

Daniel Smith – Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65)

This one is really bright! Ignore the grayishness in the bottom bar, I smeared the ink from the box.

Mission Gold – Permanent Yellow Deep

Mission Gold – Permanent Yellow Deep (PY65)

Similar hue, a bit less transparent.

What Others Say

I colloquially dubbed this color “Kraft Mac and Cheese Orange” as it has a rich masstone but it does soften out nicely in tints and glazes.

Denise Soden, Color Spotlight: Hansa Yellow Deep

[T]he hue is a little too orange to be preferred over a middle yellow, and although it is slightly less opaque than cadmium yellow deep, it is not as strong in mixtures. Isoindoline yellow (PY110) has a nearly identical hue and may be a superior pigment for lightfastness, transparency, and lyrical color shifts.

Bruce MacEvoy,


I like this color a lot on its own; it puts me in mind of one of my all-time favorite Prismascolors, Spanish Orange, and of my bright cheerful Lamy Safari pen in the color Mango. I love the brightness of the Daniel Smith one. Based on my reading, I had thought PY110 would be brighter, but in my experiment it’s clear to me that DS Hansa Yellow Deep is the brightest!

I like this color for a tiny bit of yellow along the horizon.

Duochrome night sky from Kolbie Blume’s Beginner Landscapes. December 2, 2022. The yellow is Hansa Yellow Medium, and the purple is Quinacridone Violet.

Favorite version: Daniel Smith

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