Color Spotlight: Manganese Blue Hue (PB15)

Daniel Smith Manganese Blue Hue (PB15)

Manganese Blue Hue, made from the same pigment as the Phthalo Blues but designed to mimic the original Manganese Blue, which is a non-staining, liftable, and granulating light blue.

Experiment Results

Gradient: I found this slightly difficult to rewet and grade. It doesn’t get very dark, intentionally. This is definitely a sky blue type shade.

Transparency: Semi-transparent.

Glazing: Even the glaze doesn’t get very dark.

Color Mixes: A range of granulating, vibrant light purples and greens.

My Review

When I swatched this out in the dot cards, it struck me as being almost fluorescent – a sort of blue counterpart to Opera Pink – but now that I play with it more, it just looks like a regular light blue. Because it doesn’t get dark, it’s less versatile than a Phthalo, and I don’t like it for a sky blue as well as Cerulean. Not one I need for my palette.

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