Artist Palette Profiles: Scratchmade Journal

Tonya at Scratchmade Journal has been a wonderful resource for me as I research different colors. Her blog lists her 2018 palette, along with info about why she chose most of the colors, so I’ll attempt to offer alternatives that let you build a palette with a similar spirit out of your collection!

Tonya doesn’t specify brands of most, but I believe most are Da Vinci, as she is a Da Vinci ambassador.

SlotTonya HasAlternatives
Middle RedPyrrol Red (PR254)Perylene Red (PR178), Alizarin Crimson hue, Permanent Red (PR170)
MagentaQuin Rose (PV19)Quin Magenta (PR122), Magenta (PV42), Alizarin Crimson hue, Quin Coral (PR209)
Sky Blue (granulating)DV Cerulean Blue Genuine (PB36)Fairly unique color! Can approximate with a combination of Cobalt Blue + Cobalt Turquoise
Middle Blue (granulating)Cobalt Blue (PB28)Ultramarine Blue (PB29) – differences described in this Scratchmade post
Middle Blue (smooth)Phthalo Blue Red Shade (PB15:1)Phthalo Blue GS
Dark BlueIndanthrene Blue (PB60)Prussian Blue, Indigo
Middle YellowHansa Yellow Medium (PY97)Pure Yellow (PY154), Brilliant Hansa Yellow (PY74)
Orange-YellowHansa Yellow Deep (PY65)Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110), New Gamboge
GoldGreen Gold (PY129)Nickel Azo Yellow (PY150)
Convenience Foliage GreenM. Graham Sap Green (PG7/PY110)Hooker’s Green; mix your own from Phthalo Green + orange-yellow
GreenPhthalo Green BS (PG7)Phthalo Green YS (PG36), Viridian (PG18)
Dark GreenPerylene Green (PBk31)black or dark brown; muted green (e.g. Undersea Green); dark green mix with dark blue.+ transparent yellow
Light Warm GrayFrench Gray (PW6/PBr7)Davy’s Gray; Buff Titanium; Potter’s Pink (for mixing muted pastels); mix your own
Earth Yellow-OrangeRaw Sienna (PBr7)MANS, Yellow Ochre (PY42/43) – differences from Yellow Ochre described in this Scratchmade post
Earth Yellow (Granulating)DS Goethite (PY43)Yellow Ochre (PY42/43), Magnesium Brown (PY119)
Earth OrangeTransparent Red Oxide (PR101)Burnt Sienna, Quin Burnt Orange (PO48)
Dark BrownRaw Umber (PBr7)Van Dyck Brown, Burnt Umber
Violet BrownRaw Umber Violet (PV19/PBr7)Violet Iron Oxide (PR101), Perylene Violet (PV29)

Tonya has put a lot of thought into these colors and her page is a wealth of information including brand comparisons and mixing charts. Check it out!