Artist Palette Profiles: Carrie Luc, Watercolor Misfit

Carrie Luc, the author of Watercolor Misfit, specializes in fun, colorful, modern illustrations. I really enjoy her blog posts on technique and mindset, and she has a love of bright colors that I share!

Carrie has helpfully provided her palette on her site.

SlotCL HasAlternatives
Cool YellowsSH – Lemon Yellow (PY3); SH – Cadmium Lemon Yellow (PY35)I find these interchangeable. Also consider Lemon Yellow (PY175), similar hue but less opaque.
Middle YellowWN – Winsor Yellow (PY154)Hansa Yellow Medium (PY97)
Deep YellowWN – Cadmium YellowBrilliant Hansa Yellow (PY74), Turner’s Yellow (PY83)
Yellow-OrangeSH – Cadmium Orange Light; WN – Winsor Orange (PO62)I find these two colors interchangeable. Also consider: Holbein Iso Yellow Deep (PY110), Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65), New Gamboge
ScarletWN – Scarlet Lake (PR188)Pyrrol Scarlet (PR255)
Middle RedWN – Winsor Red (PR254)Perylene Red (PR178), Permanent Red (PR170), Alizarin Crimson hue
Pastel PinkHolbein – Shell Pink (PO73/PW6)Mix your own with white and Pyrrol Orange (PO73)
Opera PinkHolbein – Quinacridone OperaOpera Pink is a unique color!
RoseWN – Permanent Rose (PV19)Magenta (PV42), Alizarin Crimson hue.
Magenta (Purple Toned)DS – Quin Lilac (PR122)Quin Fuchsia (PR202); potentially interchangeable with Rose above.
MauveWN Cotman – MauveQuin Violet (PV19), Thoindigo Violet (PR88), DS Bordeaux (PV32), WN Cotman Purple Lake (PV19)
VioletWN – Winsor Violet (PV23)Imperial Violet, Rose of Ultramarine
Middle BlueWN – Winsor Blue Red Shade (PB15:1)Cobalt Blue (PB28)
Bright BlueWN – Winsor Blue Green Shade (PB15:3)Phthalo Turquoise (PB16); potentially interchangeable with Phthalo Blue RS above
Bright/Light BlueWN – Manganese Blue Hue (PB15)Cerulean Blue Genuine (PB35 or PB36); potentially interchangeable with Phthalo Blue GS and/or Cobalt Turquoise, or a mix
Light Green-BlueHO – Horizon Blue (PB15/PG7/PW6)Cerulean Blue Genuine (PB35 or PB36); mix your own with Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, and white; potentially interchangeable with Cobalt Turquoise
Light TurquoiseSH – Cobalt Turquoise (PG50)Mix your own hue with Phthalo Blue + Phthalo Green (but it won’t be opaque/granulating)
Dark TurquoiseWN – Phthalo Turquoise (PB16)Potentially interchangeable with Phthalo Blue GS
Blue-GreenDS – Phthalo Green Blue Shade (PG7)Phthalo Green YS (PG36), Viridian (PG18)
Middle GreenSH – Permanent Green (PY155/PG7)Hooker’s Green, Phthalo Green YS (PG36), mix your own from Phthalo Green (any shade) + choice of yellow
Yellow GreenDS – Phthalo Yellow Green (PY3/PG36)Spring Green, May Green, mix your own from Phthalo Green (any shade) + choice of yellow
Green GoldWN – Green Gold (PY129)Nickel Azo Yellow (PY150)
Yellow OchreWN – Yellow Ochre (PY43)Raw Sienna, MANS
GoldWN – Quinacridone GoldSubstitute with Yellow Ochre (or equivalent), or mix your own from from Nickel Azo Yellow + an earth orange
Brown (Yellow)SH – Gold Brown (PY65/PBr41)Burnt Umber, Quin Gold
Brown (Orange)SH – Burnt Umber (PBr7)Transparent Brown Oxide, SH Mahogany, SH Transparent Umber
Gray-BlueWN – Payne’s GrayIndigo, Indanthrone Blue, Neutral Tint
Neutral TintWN – Neutral Tintany black or gray

I found a lot of these colors covered similar palette slots with minor differences, so my “close enough” method of suggesting alternatives may not have been fine-grained enough. The good news is it seems likely that you could make similarly bright and fun illustrations with a smaller number of colors, or with your favorite colors.