My 2022 Sketchbook: All The Paintings of the Year

A bunch of paintings laid out on the floor (mostly from 2022, a few 2021)

I thought it would be helpful, as I review 2022 and move into 2023, to review the paintings I’ve done this year! This may not include everything I painted (especially practice and swatches), but these are all the paintings that I was happy enough to save to my photo roll.

The stats:

  • January – 9
  • February – 11
  • March – 8
  • April – 15
  • May – 11
  • June – 21
  • July – 22
  • August – 6
  • September – 8
  • October – 15
  • November – 26
  • December – 23

TOTAL: 175

Numbers don’t really matter (particularly since it’s easy to boost them by doing lots of small paintings instead of any big ones), but I’m still stunned by my levels of productivity this year!

Here are all the paintings. ALL OF THEM.


Mostly miscellaneous Kolbie Blume projects; a few projects from Creative Joy class by Kal Anderson; a few personal projects. January feels so long ago now, and although I couldn’t see it in realtime, I feel like I’ve made some breakthroughs especially with painting skies and clouds.


Almost entirely from Kolbie Blume’s “Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes.”


Projects from Kal Anderson’s Technical Explorations class, more from Kolbie Blume’s Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, and my first plein air in Maine!


A month of flowers! More Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, Kolbie Blume’s 10-Day Seascapes challenge begins, and a Spring Colors class from Barbara Luel!


Kolbie Blume’s Seascapes continue; also projects from Claire Giordano and Shelby Thayne.


A busy month of mostly skies! Liz Steel’s Watercolour course begins; getting outside; and Maria Coryell-Martin’s Cloudscapes class followed by my short-lived Sky of the Day series.


More skies, more Liz Steel exercises, shrubs!


Experiments with theme palettes.


More experiments with the Fall and Summer theme palettes.


Painting on location during my trip to Halifax, Shelby Thayne’s Layered Mountains, and more experiments with theme palettes.


Desert painting practice and sketching on location; Kolbie Blume’s Intermediate Landscapes module 1; and miscellanous magic.


Kolbie Blume’s Beginner Landscapes (yes, after I started Intermediate), giftables and miscellaneous. I was on a painting-a-day tear until I got the flu the week before Christmas.

Move back in time to My 2021 Sketchbook, and forward in time to January 2023!