Building Community

I started this blog without having any idea of whether anyone would read it. It was a place for me to gather my own thoughts and organize an increasingly unwieldy amount of notes I was taking in Google Drive about watercolor technique, supplies, tips & tricks. I’ve really enjoyed actually getting comments and “meeting” you all online.

Over the last year, I’ve been part of a few online communities on a temporary basis, associated with paid subscriptions (Claire Giordano’s Adventure Art Academy and Kolbie Blume’s Artist Co-op), and I’ve really enjoyed them, especially the community aspect. I stayed in them longer than I would have for the content alone, because I enjoyed making friends and having a place to share my art in real time. However, it’s not financially sustainable to me to remain in paid “art clubs” for the long-term.

Some of my groups chats and things have recently moved to Discord, and I was wondering if anyone here would enjoy joining a free art Discord for the purpose of talking about watercolor and adjacent subjects (gouache, art supplies, creativity in general, etc.)

Please comment for the link!

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