Monthly Retrospective: February 2023

Goal Updates

In January, I set a February goal and prompty forgot it! Evidently, I was supposed to not spend money, but I did. I bought a few paints. Oh well. On the plus side, I did cancel all my monthly fees/classes (Kolbie Blume’s Artist Co-op, Claire Giordano’s Adventure Art Academy, Skillshare). I’ve enjoyed all of these subscriptions, but I found myself falling further and further behind, and feeling like they were chores/sources of FOMO instead of fun. I also was feeling like I didn’t have time to do my own thing, and that some of my favorite random paintings come from just being bored, which I wasn’t letting myself do. So it was mostly time-related, but it didn’t help that it was all a continuous small drain on my bank account. So while I’m still doing the occasional one-off class, I’m going without subscriptions! I was kind of afraid to cut the cord, but I have to admit I feel more free than regretful, and I’m in no hurry to jump back into a commitment. I’m just going to see what happens for a bit.

Goal-setting is evidently not working super well, and it’s already well into March as I write this, so I’m not going to set one for this month. I think it’s more fun to identify a month theme in retrospect, anyway.

The Paintings

In February, I did Maria Smirnova’s Skies class on Skillshare (before leaving Skillshare). Despite leaving the Artist Co-op, I also participated in a lot of Kolbie Blume tutorials because they held another 10-day challenge (and I did some re-dos of old ones as well). And I continued to explore gouache and began a gouache series of National Parks – not for a class!

Although I didn’t paint every day, I did multiple pieces on some days (especially for challenges), so all in all I did 32 paintings in 28 days.

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