Color Spotlight: Golden Yellow (PY183)

MaimeriBlu – Golden Yellow (PY183)

Golden Yellow by MaimeriBlu is made from PY183, an unusual pigment also known as Paliotol Yellow. According to ArtisCreation, it’s nontoxic and moderately lightfast (LFII).

Experiment Results

Hue: A warm yellow that’s less orangey than Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65). I find this to be a similar hue to Holbein’s Permanent Yellow Deep (PY83/PY74), but a bit less bright/more muted.

Tinting strength: Like many MaimeriBlu colors, I found this somewhat low tinting strength.

Gradient: Smooth grade. A bit streaky in masstone. (This also seems to be pretty common for the MMB brand.)

Glaze: Glazes to a bolder yellow-orange that is more similar to Hansa Yellow Deep.

What Others Say

My Review of Golden Yellow

I was unimpressed with this color for the same reason I’m often unimpressed with MaimeriBlu paints (streaky, low strength), but I’d be open to trying it in another brand. It’s quite rare though, and I’ve never seen it from another brand. That said, there are many other colors in this space (e.g. PY110, PY65) that are bolder and reportedly more lightfast, so I’m not sure this is a necessary area for further research for me.

On my palette? No.

Preferred alternative: Holbein’s Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110)