The Billy Idol Palette

I haven’t engaged much with my username on this blog, so you’ve gotten a lot more straightforward art talk than any Billy Idol theming; but the phrase “Rebel Yellow” popped into my head and I just had to make a palette. 

Billy Idol’s signature color is black – as in black leather. He’s also known for silver jewelry and platinum blond hair. Videos often feature bisexual lighting (red and blue from different directions). I opted for bold, graphic colors that complement a stark black-and-white color scheme. Also, lyrics puns.

Billy Idol Watercolor Palette
  1. Rebel Yellow: Hansa Yellow Light (PY3)
  2. Red-Hot Love: Pyrrol Red (PR254)
  3. Shock to the System: Opera Pink (PR122 + fluo.)
  4. Red Wine: Perylene Maroon (PR179)
  5. Blue Highway: Phthalo Blue (PB15:3)
  6. Black Leather: Lamp Black (PBk6)
  7. White Wedding: Titanium White (PW6)

I initially swatched this in watercolor but then realized it lent itself even better to gouache palette.

Billy Idol Gouache Palette

This uses the same pigments as above.

Here’s a portrait of BI that I did with the gouache palette (minus Opera Pink).

Billy Idol in gouache, using the Billy Idol palette

Now back to forgetting what my username and URL is until someone reminds me!