Monthly Retrospective: June 2024

After two years of 3x/weekly posts, I finally ran out of runway! I had enough posts saved up to see me through my move, but I didn’t count on my move-related exhaustion hitting me most in the month after we arrived. Not only have I not written posts this month, I also haven’t painted much. … Read more

Monthly Retrospective: May 2024

There is a real before-and-after to this month: before I moved and after! Either way, it’s a very light month because it has been such a month of upheaval and I haven’t had my paints set out most of the time. In Massachusetts A random landscape and some birds. In BC I did only one … Read more

Photo to Painting Archive: Sky of the Day Summer 2022

Watercolor late-night sunset with a cloud and silhouettes of trees and buildings.

Lately, I’ve been doing a “photo to painting” post just about each month, showcasing paintings I did recently and the photo inspiration (which may or may not be old or bad photos). Going through my old photos, I found a run of photos from 2022 that were used as inspiration for my “Sky of the Day” photos in summer 2022. While I posted those in various contexts (e.g. my year 2022 retrospective), I’m not sure I ever posted the references.

As always, you are cordially invited to paint any of my photos that you wish. See the curated highlights on my Unsplash.

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Monthly Retrospective: April 2024

April was a busy month for me as I gear up for my move! Plein Airpril I attempted a plein air theme month but didn’t do it as much as I had planned. My first three weeks of plein air sketches can be found in my weekly reports (week 1, week 2, week 3). After … Read more

Monthly Retrospective: March 2024

We pause our coverage of Plein Airpril to take a look back at March. If I thought February was a light month for me, March was even lighter, as I became distracted with a bunch of stressful life stuff. I often find that painting is the first thing to go when I’m overwhelmed, which is … Read more

Plein Airpril Begins

Inspired by Sarah Burns, I decided to try Plein Airpril this year! This is a month of daily plein air practice. I’ll be blogging a little differently this month, too! Normally I write posts ahead and schedule them to appear 3 times a week. In order to track my Plein Airpril progress, I’ve instead cleared the runway for April. Let’s see if I manage to do more realtime blogging of my progress. I expect that each entry will be shorter, but with more in-the-moment notes.

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