Plein Airpril Begins

Inspired by Sarah Burns, I decided to try Plein Airpril this year! This is a month of daily plein air practice. I’ll be blogging a little differently this month, too! Normally I write posts ahead and schedule them to appear 3 times a week. In order to track my Plein Airpril progress, I’ve instead cleared the runway for April. Let’s see if I manage to do more realtime blogging of my progress. I expect that each entry will be shorter, but with more in-the-moment notes.

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Blues and Browns Only

While Johnny Thomas’ sky challenge is still ongoing – I dip in and out occasionally – over the last six weeks he set the limited Blues & Browns Only challenge (#bluesandbrownsonly), painting a series of six reference photos using only shades of blue and earth tones.

I was eager to take on this challenge to stretch myself to see the chromaticity in earth tones. Historically I’ve preferred brighter colors, but my appreciation for more subtle colors has been trending slowly upward. Could this challenge convince me to finally become an earth color person?

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Monthly Retrospective: January 2024

I got started on some long term goals this month! TOTAL: 17 (16 WC, 1 gouache) Supplies notes: Unless otherwise noted, I used Arches 140lb/300gsm natural white cold-press paper. After doing a lot of experimenting, I think this is my default “good paper.” The Paintings

Nature Spot Challenge, January 2024

Lisa Spangler (@sideoats) ran the Nature Spot Challenge a second time in January 2024, and I participated again! I really enjoyed the first Nature Spot Challenge last year, so I was pleased to do it again. I managed to do one every day for the first two weeks of the month, but in the back … Read more

What’s in my recycle bin?

I post most of my paintings here on the blog and my instagram. I regard very few as “not good enough.” I wouldn’t have nearly a painting a day if I exerted rigorous quality control. Posting nearly everything helps me to be less precious and critical of my own work.

However, there are some paintings that I decide to bin without posting (and sometimes without finishing), for various reasons. Today, paradoxically, I’ll post some of the paintings I decided not to post. Let’s take a trip through my December recycle bin.

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