Travel Sketches: Las Vegas/Mojave Desert

Ash Grove at Spring Valley Ranch. Painted November 26, 2022 (after returning from the trip, based on a composite of travel photos).

Last week, I was in the suburbs of Las Vegas for a family wedding. I was excited to see the surrounding desert landscape, as I’ve never been to the desert! We didn’t have a ton of time outside of family activities and our ambitious stretch goal Grand Canyon trip got predictably cut (though I did see it from the plane window!), but I was delighted with our naturey day trips in the immediate area.

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Loved & Learned from Kolbie Blume’s 10-Day Seascapes Challenge

Painting of a small sea turtle underwater.

In late November/early December 2021, I did Kolbie Blume’s 10-day Painting the Wilderness challenge on Youtube, and I had an amazing time. It came at just the right time in my watercolor journey, showing me that I could paint far more complex scenes than I thought I could. So when Kolbie released a second ten-day challenge in late April/early May 2022, I was excited to join in again.

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Loved & Learned: Koblie Blume’s Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes Chapter 3: Trees

I’m working my way through Kolbie Blume’s tutorial book, Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes. Previously, I did the chapters on skies and mountains. Here’s all my work on the chapter on trees. Autumn Misty Pines Paper: Hahnemuhle “Burgund” 250gsm cold press Colors:  Background & pines: Quin Gold, Pyrrol Scarlet, Transparent Red Oxide Foreground leaves: Mixed a scarlet … Read more

Loved & Learned: Kolbie Blume’s Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, Chapter 1: Skies

After completing Kolbie Blume’s 10 Day #PaintingtheWilderness Challenge, I loved her easy yet magical tutorials so much that I immediately bought her book, Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes. If you enjoyed the challenge and want more tutorials, the book delivers! I’m going to continue the “loved and learned” process from the 10-day challenge for my paintings from the book.

So far, I have completed the tutorials from the first chapter of the book, featuring skies. Here are the paintings I did, all based on Blume’s tutorials from the book, and what I loved and learned from each one. 

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