Photo to Painting: Autumn Foliage

I spent much of October painting autumn foliage. Much of it was outdoors/plein air/in person, but sometimes I saw a great tree and took a snap to paint later at home, and I actually did. This is the first month where I did a lot of painting from my own, very recent photos. Let’s see how it went!

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Sunset Photos Part 2: More Mauve!

Last month, I began painting some of my old photos, and realized all the ones I wanted to paint were sunsets! I was a little disappointed with my results, largely because I kept insisting on using Ultramarine Blue in the more violet clouds, which kept them very electric-bright when they should have been mauve. So, I decided to paint some more, different sunset photos, with a special effort to keep the mauve clouds muted.

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What to do with those old sunset photos? Paint ’em!

Recently, I’ve been going through my old photos because I’m running out of space on Google Photos. I can sort my old photos into roughly four categories: This last category are the hardest to decide on. They’re not good enough to post publicly and may not even seem interesting to anyone else, but I have … Read more