Artist Palette Profiles: Katie Woodward

Katie Woodward (@ramblingsketcher) is a New York City watercolor artist who authored Understanding Light in the Urban Sketchers Handbook series. She also does one of my favorite Instagram video series, Random Palette Mondays, where she draws three random colors (one from a “red” bag, one from a “yellow” bag, and one from a “blue” bag, but interpreted loosely) and paints a pre-selected scene from the resulting triad. It’s a great series because she shows how a wide variety of triads can be used to create unexpected results.

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Artist Palette Profiles: Mike Daikubara

Mike Daikubara is an urban sketcher based in Charlotte, NC and the author of Sketch First, Think Later and Color First, Ink Later. Sketch First, Think Later encourages you to get out and sketch quickly with a minimal kit; Color First describes a slightly more involved, wild style where you put down layers of dripping color to capture light and shadow and color interplay, then draw ink lines and details after it dries. I enjoyed both books, though the Color First method seems a bit advanced for me!

Today, I’m going to talk about Mike’s palette as described in Color First.

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Artist Palette Profiles: Molly Hashimoto

Olympic National Park tutorial from Molly Hashimoto’s Colors of the West class

Molly Hashimoto is the author of Colors of the West: An Artist’s Guide to Nature’s Palette, an art book based on National Parks in the American west, and Birds of the West, which showcases her watercolor and block print bird art. I love her bright, clear, intense colors and joy in nature.

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Artist Palette Profiles: Paul George

Saltmarsh in Essex, MA, from a tutorial by Paul George. February 3, 2024.

Paul George is a landscape artist from Massachusetts who shares oil and watercolor painting tutorials on Youtube. After reading about it on Laura’s Watercolors in early February, I tried his Essex Saltmarsh tutorial. It was fun, and I found I didn’t have to make that many color substitutions! I then looked up his video on his palette. I’ve done my best to recreate it from my collection below.

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Artist Palette Profiles: Albrecht Dürer

I’m going way back in time for this one – back to the 1400s! We’re looking at the palette of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). This has got to be the earliest palette I’ll be able to identify. 

InThe History of Watercolour, Marie-Pierre Salé considers Dürer the “first watercolorist,” not because he invented watercolor (people have been painting with pigment suspended in water since cave painting days), but because he’s one of the first Western artists known to have used the medium to its fullest for works of art (rather than incidental illustration of illuminated manuscripts and so forth). Dürer created landscapes and incredibly detailed natural history paintings. 

So what was in his palette? What pigments even existed then??

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Artist Palette Profiles: Joyce Hicks

Joyce Hicks-inspired aspen tree landscape. September 5, 2023.

I recently enjoyed reading Joyce Hicks’ Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes: Transform Ordinary Places into Extraordinary Scenes (2014, North Light Books) and painted out a palette inspired by the one she describes in the book. Of all the palettes I’ve explored, I think this might the best one I have enjoyed the most and most wanted to emulate in my own painting!

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Artist Palette Profiles: Ron Ranson

Ron Ranson-inspired sky with Naples Yellow Deep wash and mauve clouds of Alizarin Crimson and Payne’s Gray

I loved Ron Ranson On Skies (1996, Studio Vista), a book that mixes careful observation and teaching about cloud and sky natural history with practical painting techniques. Let’s see what colors Ranson used to paint skies!

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