Color Spotlight: Terra Cotta (PR102)

Da Vinci – Terra Cotta (PR102)

PR102 is a natural iron oxide. In the pantheon of earth shades, it’s the natural equivalent to synthetic PR101 (which is used to make Transparent Red Oxide and Indian Red). Similar to Transparent Red Oxide or Burnt Sienna (PBr7), PR102 is a terra cotta or burnt orange shade.

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Color Spotlight: Naples Yellow Deep (PBr24)

WN Naples Yellow Deep (PBr24)

Naples yellow was historically made from lead-tin yellow (PY41), a toxic pigment that has fallen out of favor since the late 19th century when synthetic replacements began to overtake it. Presently, watercolors sold as Naples Yellow are either mixes (usually involving cadmium orange and white), or they’re made from PBr24. That’s what I’ll be looking at today. It’s an opaque, butter-yellow pigment that looks to me like a brighter version of Yellow Ochre.

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Color Spotlight: Imidazolone Brown (PBr25)

A single pigment transparent brown with a distinct warm reddish undertone. Experiment Results Hue: A brown with a red/pink/coral cast, especially in midtone. Gradient: Smooth, strong, non-granulating. Transparency: Transparent. Color Mixes: A range of reddish browns. Neutralizes blues. Comparison to Other Colors Less orange (more red) than earth oranges like Burnt Sienna, Transparent Red Oxide, … Read more

Color Spotlight: Raw Sienna (PBr7)

Raw Sienna is one of the traditional earth tones made from PBr7. It’s an earth yellow-orange, more yellow than Burnt Sienna but typically more orange than Yellow Ochre (PY42). Lightfastness Four months of light seem to have had no effect on this. Great! Comparison to Other Colors Da Vinci – Raw Sienna Deep (PY42) This … Read more