Mix Your Own: Mission Gold

I previously explained how to mix your own version of mixed Daniel Smith colors, and now I’d like to do the same for Mission Gold! Recently I happened to be window-shopping their line and saw some good ones that gave me new ideas for cool mixes. That’s cool thing about exploring brands’ commercial mixes – even if you don’t buy the paint, it can inspire your own explorations at home, if you have the component colors.

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I Refuse to Buy Schmincke’s Supergranulating Paints

Cobalt Turquoise + Ultramarine VIolet
Schmincke Horadam Cobalt Turquoise (PG50) + Winsor & Newton Ultramarine Violet (PV15) in an Etchr Perfect Sketchbook

Although I like granulation now, I’m not tempted by the sets everyone in my watercolor friends-list seems to be going gaga for: the Schmincke Supergranulating colors. If you take a look at them, they are generally* not new colors, they’re mixes of other granulating colors that Schmincke (and other brands) offer. You can mix your own!

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Mix Your Own: Daniel Smith

Scratch sheet where I handmixed several homebrew versions of Daniel Smith mixes

While I tend to prefer single pigment colors to mixes, it’s no question that there are some beautiful mixes out there! Premixed paints can be great time-savers. I also like that they give me ideas for neat ways to mix my single pigment paints – as long as you can understand the pigment codes on the bottle!

In swatching out the dot cards for Daniel Smith, as well as looking up what pigments each color is made of, I came to recognize pigment codes on sight. Just from looking at the tube, I can easily tell what pigments mixed paints are made of, and what single-pigment colors map to the components, giving me a good idea of how to mix it up myself. It occurred to me that not everyone has this superpower, so I made this handy lookup post!

If you ever wondered “How do I mix…” amongst the mixes in Daniel Smith’s line, look no further!

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