What’s in my palette? (February 2024)

Although I shared my palette as recently as last month (January 2024), I made a bunch of changes during my month’s “puttering time.” I swapped around some A and B team paints based on usage, and also removed some altogether (cleaning the pan and putting the tube in my “maybe giveaway” box). When I last … Read more

Fall in Vancouver Palette

I’ve just spent a week in Vancouver in early November, what my aunt described as “the worst time to visit Vancouver” due to the rain and fog, but I had fun! I like rain and fog. Plus, it was much cheaper than visiting in the summer. I didn’t know what colors I’d need, so I … Read more

Autumn Palette Problem-Solving

As I’ve used my Fall Foliage Palette outside, I’ve run into some challenges that made me want to swap a color. I thought I’d go through my problem-solving thought process and then show you the revised palette.

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The Billy Idol Palette

I haven’t engaged much with my username on this blog, so you’ve gotten a lot more straightforward art talk than any Billy Idol theming; but the phrase “Rebel Yellow” popped into my head and I just had to make a palette.  Billy Idol’s signature color is black – as in black leather. He’s also known … Read more

The Summer Palette, Mark II

Here’s my end-of-summer reveal: I’ve been working on a new Summer Palette this whole time!

I took my time to build this palette (which is why this post is appearing at the end of summer instead of the beginning). I went through several iterations, taking out different sets of colors to see how they performed in the real world when I tried to paint my surroundings.

This is the first time I’ve come around to make a second version of seasonal palette. The first seasonal palette I designed, last fall, was the Autumn Palette, but I added the Summer Palette quickly after. Let’s see how my new one compares!

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