Lessons from Ruth Wilshaw’s Classes

I recently took a pair of classes by Ruth Wilshaw on Domestika: Atmospheric Landscapes in Gouache and Fantasy Landscapes in Watercolor & Gouache. Without spoiling everything in the classes, I wanted to keep my notes on what was personally meaningful to me.

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Mixing Pinks in Watercolor

Painting a cherry tree and mixing pinks in front of an ipad showing a workshop with Barbara Luel.

Last spring, I enjoyed a lovely pink floral workshop with the delightful Barbara Luel. I forgot to post about it at the time, but since the pink season is coming up again soon, I thought I’d post on it now!

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Loved & Learned from Kolbie Blume’s Intermediate Landscape Course Module 1: Light

After two years of painting, I am finally beginning to allow myself to think of myself as intermediate rather than a beginner, and accordingly I am working through Kolbie Blume’s Intermediate Landscapes course. (I actually started it before I did the beginner course!)

A four-module course, the first module concerned light, layers, and contrast. The paintings in this module involved planning multiple layers, making decisions about value contrast, and capturing light effects like glow, shadow, and backlighting.

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Loved & Learned from Kolbie Blume’s Beginner Landscapes

Beginner Landscapes is a mini-course offered by Kolbie Blume in the course library for members of the Artists Co-op, their monthly subscription service. After nearly two years of watercolor, the most recent of which was spent working through most of Kolbie’s other products (like their 10-Day Painting the Wilderness Challenge, 10-Day Seascapes Challenge, and Wilderness … Read more

Lessons from Shelby Thayne’s Layered Mountains

One of the first watercolor classes I ever took was Shelby Thayne’s “Night Skies” class, back in April 2021. Recently I took her “Layered Mountains” class, and it feels like I’ve come full circle.  It’s a funny story how I found Shelby. It was early 2021, at that point in the pandemic when everyone was … Read more

Palette Updates After Taking Liz Steel’s Watercolor Class

I recently went through Liz Steel’s Watercolor course, which was a great way to geek out about color. The course is appropriate for beginners but probably ideal for people with, say, about a year of experience (like me!), and focues on color choice and pigment characteristics, brush technique, and trying different styles. One of the … Read more

I Loved Maria Coryell-Martin’s Cloudscapes Class!

All my paintings from Cloudscapes class

I took a wonderful “Cloudscapes” class from Maria Coryell-Martin, founder of Expeditionary Art / Art Toolkit. Due to a time zone mishap, I missed the actual class, but I caught up on video and had a wonderful time. In two hours, we painted ELEVEN SKIES. I love skies!

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