Color Spotlight: Australian Red Gold

Daniel Smith – Aussie Red Gold

Australian Red Gold (or Aussie Red Gold in DS parlance) is a warm, glowing, orange mix originally created by the Australian brand Art Spectrum. This is a brand that’s hard to get ahold of in the US so I’m bringing you the Daniel Smith version.

Both are made using the same 3-pigment formula:

Actually, I don’t know which version of the multi-faceted PR101 or PV19 are used here, but those are my best guesses.

Experiment Results

Gradient: Wide range of color values from a deep pumpkin orange through a fiery warm yellow-orange to a pale gold dilute.

Transparency: 100% transparent.

Glazing: Glazes to a dark reddish pumpkin.

Color Mixes

Look at this range of glowing, fiery oranges and siennas! Despite being a 3-pigment mix, this is a wonderful mixer. You do get some muddy olive greens, but that is the nature of an orange (and anyway you may be after olive greens depending on your landscape).

Comparison to Other Colors

Holbein – Permanent Yellow Orange

Left: Holbein’s Permanent Yellow Orange. Right: Daniel Smith’s Aussie Red Gold.

Similar in many ways to this more traditional bright yellow-orange mix (which Holbein makes from PO73 Pyrrol Orange and a few middle yellows including the same PY83 yellow as in ARG). ARG is slightly more muted and less yellowy, but somehow looks no less glowing, perhaps because of its greater range which gives it a shiny appearance. ARG gets darker in masstone. Very similar dilute but ARG is a bit more toward middle orange/peach (less yellow).

My Review

There is a glowing quality to this color that I find hard to explain. Even though it is technically lower chroma than a traditional yellow-orange, it feels like it glows. The most analogous paint I can think of is Nickel Azo Yellow (or its mix Quin Gold), so I was surprised that this doesn’t actually have any Nickel Azo Yellow in it! But if you love the luminous, almost shining, sunbeamy quality of Quin Gold, you will love this paint as well. It has very similar handling.

This is a joy-sparking color for me, though I haven’t figured out how to “use it” exactly.

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