Color Spotlight: Cascade Green (PBr7+PB15)

Daniel Smith Cascade Green
Daniel Smith Cascade Green (PBr7, PB15) on Canson XL

A combination of blue and brown that results in a granulating cool green with flecks of gold-brown and teal blue.

Experiment Results

Gradient: Textured, brush-strokey. Possible to get it dark but sort of difficult. Too bad, because I like the dark end best; the component colors are really separated in the middle and light tones, which I guess is fine, but it just feels like something I could make myself.

Transparency: Mostly transparent.

Glazing: Glazes darker green.

Mix your own: I mixed a similar hue with Phthalo Blue GS (PB15:3) and Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (PBr7).

My Review

Easy to replicate with colors I use a lot, so not an essential one for me!

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