Color Spotlight: Grey Ochre

Greenleaf & Blueberry – Grey Ochre

This is a unique mineral color made by the small paint company Greenleaf & Blueberry! It’s a granulating warm-leaning neutral gray.

Experiment Results

Gradient: A very dark gray in masstone! I can see some brush strokes.

Opacity: Transparent.

Glazing: Near-black glaze.

Color Mixes

For the most part these are similar to other gray and black mixes where they make the color a darker version of itself. There were some surprises, though. I’m especially amazed by the chocolatey middle browns that resulted from the mix with Pyrrol Scarlet and Transparent Red Oxide. The mix with Phthalo Green Yellow Shade makes kind of Perylene Green hue.

My Overall Review

This is a nice granulating gray! I like this more than most of the grays I’ve tried. Greenleaf & Blueberry paints are very nice but very expensive, so I don’t feel like I can make them part of my regular palette; however, it was fun to be able to try this from the minimal CMYK palette demi-palette set.

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