Color Spotlight: Quinacridone Sienna

Daniel Smith Quinacridone Sienna: gradient, opacity and glazing, color mixes

This mix is made from PR209, PO48, and PY150. In other words, Quin Coral, Quin Burnt Orange, and Nickel Azo Yellow. Another way to mix is this is with Quin Coral and Quin Gold, since Quin Gold is itself a mix of Quin Burnt Orange and Nickel Azo Yellow.

I did this from a dot card, so it’s less intense that it would be if I’d had the paint. I think I could get it even darker and brighter, especially in the mixes.

Experiment Results

Gradient: Deep, vibrant burnt sienna orange-brown gives way to coral-orange-peach in an incredibly smooth gradient.

Opacity: 100% transparent.

Glazing: Glaze is similar to masstone, very deep fiery sienna.

Granulation: Lightly granulating; orange flecks from the Quin Burnt Orange.

Mixes: Mixes up a selection of red-oranges and browns. I surprisingly really enjoy the mixes with blues; Phthalo Blue Green Shade turns into a deep hunter green, and Ultramarine turns into a lovely medium brown.

My Overall Thoughts

I really like this color. It reminds me of fiery sunset glow on red rocks. It’s intense yet has a certain earthiness to it. This is probably not surprising if you’re familiar with its components, which all have those wonderful golden-hour qualities. The reason this color isn’t in my palette is simply that I can mix it on my own – Quin Coral and Quin Gold are palette staples for me!

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