Color Spotlight: Sanguine Red (PR187)

Winsor & Newton – Sanguine Red

Sanguine Red is a limited edition color introduced by Winsor & Newton in their Twilight series. It’s made from PR187, a pigment I’ve never seen in any other brand. This is a moderate-chroma middle red, slightly on the cool side. I find it similar to Pyrrol Crimson (PR264), but more transparent.

Pigment Stats for PR187

Per ArtIsCreation

Chemical Name: Monoazo barium salt

Lightfastness Rating: II

Toxicity: A (Nontoxic)

Transparency Rating: 4 (Totally Transparent)

My Observations of WN Sanguine Red

Gradient: Grades from a deep (but not dark) red to a light red. Definitely less “pinky” than Alizarin Crimson. It doesn’t get quite as dark as I’d expect from a crimson but is overall a bit more muted than a fire engine red. I found it more satisfyingly bright and deep when wet, but it dried duller and lighter.

I wrote “vertical lines” because I noticed that it was dispersing in an odd way with little vertical channels of deeper color encroaching on the lighter band. This usually happens when a paint is very dispersive.

Transparency: Transparent.

Color Mixes

Overall I found these mixes to be about what I’d expect for a middle red, but as with the swatch, they dried a bit dull. The purples are particularly muted, bordering on brown; the oranges are also a bit more on the “brick red” zone than “bright orange” zone.

Comparison to Other Brands

Winsor & Newton is the only company I know of with a PR187.

My Review

This color was fun to paint out, but when it dried, I wasn’t wowed by the results. In my book, this color isn’t serious competition for the competitive middle red or crimson spots. It’s sort of in-between a bold bright red, a deep crimson, and a muted earthy red, and doesn’t do any of those slots particularly well.

On my palette? Nah.


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