Color Spotlight: Sodalite Genuine

Daniel Smith – Sodalite Genuine

Sodalite is one of Daniel Smith’s exclusive Primatek colors made from real minerals. This one is a granulating, very dark blue. I’d say this is a good substitute for Indigo (which is traditionally blue + black) if you’re looking for something in that color family that is more granulating and/or single pigment.

Experiment Results

Gradient: Achieves an almost black masstone, and dilutes to a gray-blue. Granulating all the way way down and doesn’t grade easily (strokes are always visible). Like many Primatek colors, the dilute shifts between warm (brownish gray) and cool (bluish gray) undertones.

Glazing: Glazes to a black color.

Transparency: Hard to tell because it is so dark, but I’d say this is semi-transparent.

Color Mixes

Overally, Sodalite doesn’t really seem to like to mix with other colors, but remains in separated dark blue granulation.

Rich Green Gold

DV Green Gold (PY129) + DS Sodalite Genuine on Arches

While Indanthrone and RGG make a nice dark green, I feel like these mixes are duller and weirder; they never really make green but remain simultaneously dirty-gold and dark blue-gray.

Transparent Red Oxide

DS Transparent Red Oxide (PR101) + DS Sodalite Genuine on Arches

Range of browns and grays; similar to mix of TRO + Indanthrone, but you can see more granulation in the blue end. This is one of the most mixable combinations I found.

Cobalt Blue

DV Cobalt Blue (PB28) + DS Sodalite Genuine on Arches

Sodalite makes the Cobalt duller and darker, and in dilute the dark granulation is visible.

Phthalo Green

DV Phthalo Green (PG7) + DS Sodalite Genuine on Arches

The Sodalite stays dark blue and very separate from the green; the overall effect is of a dull dark green-blue, or a pale green with visible dark blue granulation, but never really a mix.

What Others Say

Sodalite – another new addition to the palette for this trip, I loved the granulating properties of this paint. In many of the paintings I did a lot of juxtaposition of the patterns made by granulation vs the patterns made by blooms moving pigment around. And sodalite readily created amazing textures without trying to dominate the painting.

Claire Giordano, Petrified Forest Residency: Favorite Colors

My Review of Sodalite Genuine

One of the darkest Primateks and one of the most granulating darks. The color never really mixes with other colors but always remains aloof, so I don’t find it useful for things like foliage shadows. It is most interesting as a granulating dark alternative to Lunar Black, but I don’t find it to be a useful alternative for Indanthrone Blue because it doesn’t mix as well.

On my palette? No.

Favorite version: DS is the only one.

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