Middle Yellow

Banana yellows with neither a green nor orange undertone. Versatile for mixing.

Da Vinci yellow comparison: Cadmium Yellow (PY35) vs Hansa Yellow Medium (PY74) vs Da Vinci Yellow (PY154).

Color List

Single pigment colors, roughly in opaque-to-transparent order:

My Thoughts

Necessary slot? I think it’s useful to have either Lemon Yellow or Middle Yellow for mixing (as it is a primary color), and of course for painting anything with a bold yellow color. See the Lemon Yellow page for considerations.

Favorites: Imidazolone Yellow (PY154) has a nice bold middle of the road color and is lightfast. Hansa Yellow Medium (PY97) is, to my eye, indistinguishable.

Mix your own: Lemon Yellow + Orange Yellow

What’s on my palette? Schmincke Aureolin Modern (PY151) [a form of Azo Yellow], which I classified as a Lemon Yellow but really it straddles the line.