Orange Yellow

Orange-toned yellows, handy for mixing bold oranges and naturalistic sap greens.

Deep yellow comparison: DV Cadmium Yellow Deep (PY35) vs DV Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65) vs DS Permanent Yellow Deep (PY110)

Color List

Single pigment colors, roughly in opaque-to-transparent order:


  • New Gamboge (PY110, PY97)

My Thoughts

Necessary slot? It depends on the rest of your palette and what other yellow options you have. Katie Woodward is an example of someone who has a warm yellow (New Gamboge) as her brightest/yellowest yellow, but generally I would recommend having a middle yellow or a lemon yellow if you’re only going to have one. For a split primary palette, a lemon yellow and an orange yellow take care of the “cool/warm” divide and can mix to make middle yellow.

Favorites: PY110 and PY65 are both great (and difficult to tell apart). New Gamboge works just as well.

Mix your own: Middle Yellow + Orange

What’s on my palette? DS Permanent Yellow Deep (PY110)