Da Vinci Dot Cards Part 5: Earth Tones & Neutrals

Da Vinci Dot Cards – all Earth Tones

We’ve reached the final stretch! I’ll finish up the DV dot cards today by exploring the earth tones (DV has some of my favorites!) and neutrals like black, white, and gray. I’ll also answer the question: which Da Vinci colors are not in this dot card set?

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Color Spotlight: Transparent Brown Oxide (PR101)

Daniel Smith Transparent Brown Oxide: gradient, opacity and glazing tests, blooms, and color mixes

Made from PR101, Transparent Brown Oxide is a transparent, lightly granulating brown right down the middle, neither especially red, orange, or gray. A real brown’s brown. Tree bark and other landscape features spring to mind. This is the more brown cousin of Transparent Red Oxide, a burnt sienna/orange shade made from the same pigment.

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