Mix Your Own: Mission Gold

I previously explained how to mix your own version of mixed Daniel Smith colors, and now I’d like to do the same for Mission Gold! Recently I happened to be window-shopping their line and saw some good ones that gave me new ideas for cool mixes. That’s cool thing about exploring brands’ commercial mixes – even if you don’t buy the paint, it can inspire your own explorations at home, if you have the component colors.

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Color Spotlight: Imidazolone Brown (PBr25)

A single pigment transparent brown with a distinct warm reddish undertone. Experiment Results Hue: A brown with a red/pink/coral cast, especially in midtone. Gradient: Smooth, strong, non-granulating. Transparency: Transparent. Color Mixes: A range of reddish browns. Neutralizes blues. Comparison to Other Colors Less orange (more red) than earth oranges like Burnt Sienna, Transparent Red Oxide, … Read more

Color Spotlight: Opera Pink (PR122 + fluorescent additive)

Mijello Mission Gold Bright Opera: Gradient; opacity; color mixes

Every major watercolor company has a version of Opera Pink, that fluorescent, neon, highlighter pink that pops so brightly! An unbelievably neon color, it’s great for pop colors, tropical florals, and gaudy sunsets. The downside? The fluorescence can fade quickly, making this a fugitive color.

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