Color Spotlight: Quinacridone Coral (PR209)

I just love this unique color. It’s a warm pinky red, yellow-toned, but not in orangey way. It truly is coral. It reminds of a cherry Italian soda. It’s a great color for flowers, the inside of a strawberry, and coral of course! Experiment Results Gradient: Bold gradient from a deep, juicy orange-red to pale … Read more

Color Spotlight: Pyrrol Scarlet (PR255)

Daniel Smith Pyrrol Scarlet: gradient, opacity & glazing tests, color mixes

The warm (orange-toned) red in the Daniel Smith Essentials kit, Pyrrol Scarlet has been a part of my personal palette for a long time! It is a semi-opaque and extremely vibrant flame red, straddling the line between a red and a red-orange.

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