Color Spotlight: Neutral Tint

Daniel Smith – Neutral Tint

Neutral Tint is a transparent gray (black in masstone) that is specifically designed to be neutral: not warm, not cool, not leaning toward any other color.

Typically, Neutral Tint is made from a mix of three pigments: PBk6 (Lamp Black), PV19 (any number of quinacridone magenta/pink/rose/purple/crimson shades), and PB15 (Phthalo Blue of some sort).

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Color Spotlight: Manganese Blue Hue (PB15)

Daniel Smith Manganese Blue Hue (PB15)

Manganese Blue Hue, made from the same pigment as the Phthalo Blues but designed to mimic the original Manganese Blue, a toxic color that has mostly been removed from major lines. Original Manganese Blue was a non-staining, liftable, and granulating light blue.

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What’s the difference between Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) and Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)?

Getting from PBGS to PBRS

Phthalocyanine blue (PB15) is an incredibly intense, staining, transparent, non-granulating, lightfast pigment that comes in two versions:

(I’ll call them GS and RS in this post.)

What’s the difference, and which should you choose?

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