Color Spotlight: Yellow Ochre (PY42 or PY43)

Yellow ochre is the most yellow of the earth tones, usually made from PY42 (synthetic yellow iron oxide) or PY43 (natural yellow iron oxide). Experiment Results Yellow ochres can have a wide variety of characteristics; some are granulating and some non-, some are more opaque than others. The color can also vary with some being … Read more

Color Spotlight: Sap Green

Daniel Smith – Sap Green

Sap Green isn’t one pigment, but is an informal name for any number of muted green mixes that are meant to make natural-looking foliage greens. As opposed to Hooker’s Green, which is more of a middle green, Sap Green tends to be a bit more on the yellow side. Some formulations are yellow-green, and others are muted ochre-green. Sap Greens can therefore vary a lot from brand to brand. I’ll start by reviewing the Daniel Smith one and then compare to some other brands.

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What’s the difference between MANS and Yellow Ochre?

It’s no secret that my favorite earth yellow is Daniel Smith’s Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (PBr7). But I also like a yellow ochre; for example, Holbein’s Yellow Ochre (PY42). They’re so similar that I wouldn’t want to have both in my palette at the same time, so which should I choose? Which is better in which situation?

Monte Amiata Natural Sienna vs Yellow Ochre
DS Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (PBr7), left, vs. Holbein Yellow Ochre (PY42), right

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