Color Spotlight: Cobalt Turquoise (PG50)

Cobalt Turquoise is a super bright, true turquoise made from the pigment PG50, derived from the heavy metal cobalt. Experiment Results Gradient: A nice even gradient. This color doesn’t get very dark, but it does get incredibly bright, making it a wonderful pop color. Opacity: I can see some dusting on the black line. I … Read more

Color Spotlight: Opera Pink (PR122 + BV10)

Mijello Mission Gold Bright Opera: Gradient; opacity; color mixes

Every major watercolor company has a version of Opera Pink, that fluorescent, neon, highlighter pink that pops so brightly! An unbelievably neon color, it’s great for pop colors, tropical florals, and gaudy sunsets. The only downside? The fluorescence can fade quickly!

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