Color Spotlight: Naples Yellow Deep (PBr24)

WN Naples Yellow Deep (PBr24)

Naples yellow was historically made from lead-tin yellow (PY41), a toxic pigment that has fallen out of favor since the late 19th century when synthetic replacements began to overtake it. Presently, watercolors sold as Naples Yellow are either mixes (usually involving cadmium orange and white), or they’re made from PBr24. That’s what I’ll be looking at today. It’s an opaque, butter-yellow pigment that looks to me like a brighter version of Yellow Ochre.

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Color Spotlight: Quinophthalone Yellow (PY138)

Quinophthalone yellow (PY138) is a pigment I have only ever seen in one paint, Permanent Yellow from Daler Rowney Artists. It’s a bright, bold, permanent yellow, nearly identical in hue to Pure Yellow (PY154) or Hansa Yellow Medium (PY97), with handling properties that remind me of Hansa Yellow Light (PY3). This is my first paint … Read more

Color Spotlight: Yellow Ochre (PY42 or PY43)

Yellow ochre is the most yellow of the earth tones, usually made from PY42 (synthetic yellow iron oxide) or PY43 (natural yellow iron oxide). Experiment Results Yellow ochres can have a wide variety of characteristics; some are granulating and some non-, some are more opaque than others. The color can also vary with some being … Read more

Color Spotlight: Lemon Yellow Deep (PY159)

PY159 is a granulating, low-strength primary yellow. It’s available as Winsor & Newton Lemon Yellow Deep (shown here), or as Schmincke’s Volcano Yellow (from the Supergranulating line). Experiment Results Gradient: Slighlty dull granulating mid-yellow in masstone, pale yellow otherwise. Very difficult to get a masstone and doesn’t grade easily. Does not rewet easily. Opacity: Semi-transparent… … Read more

Da Vinci Complete Dot Cards Part 1: Yellows & Oranges

When I originally swatched Da Vinci, the only dot card they offered was a tiny one with just 24 of their 100+ colors. They finally released a full dot card set of all their colors, so naturally I jumped on it, as Da Vinci is one of my favorite lines!

The 110 colors come in a set of five 24-well clamshell boxes.

Da Vinci dot card set

Just like the 24-color set, the dots are very generous – you could do a whole painting with one, and I did multiple swatches instead of the barely-one I could do with the DS and WN dot cards. 

Da Vinci yellow, orange, and red dot card

I ended up going a bit deeper in this dot card exploration than in previous dot card posts – because I have a pretty solid paint library already, I was able to compare several of the colors in the same light to colors I already have in order to make comparisons on-the-fly. So, I’ll be breaking this out into several posts to be able to give each one more attention.

First up: Yellows and oranges!

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Color Spotlight: Hansa Yellow Light (PY3)

Daniel Smith – Hansa Yellow Light

PY3 single-pigment yellow is usually called Hansa Yellow Light and sometimes called Lemon Yellow. It’s a semi-opaque, bold, bright light yellow with a cool/greenish cast. Similar to PY175 Lemon Yellows, but more opaque, and usually looks bolder as a result.

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