Color Spotlight: Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65)

Da Vinci Hansa Yellow Deep: Gradient, opacity and glazing tests, color mixes

Hansa Yellow Deep is a deep orange-toned mango yellow, another option for the warm yellow slot in your palette where you might also be considering Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110) or mixes like New Gamboge and Quinacridone Gold.

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Color Spotlight: Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110)

Holbein – Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (PY110)

Yellow-oranges made from PY110 have many possible names, including Isoindolinone Yellow Deep (Holbein, shown) and Permanent Yellow Deep (Daniel Smith). I like the Schmincke name, Yellow Orange, because it’s simple, descriptive, and easy to spell. This color exists in the liminal space somewhere between a deep, orange-toned (warm) yellow and a light, yellow-toned orange.

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